Rabbi Avraham Binsky,

a dinamic young Rav who was raised in Vilnus (Vilna) and trained in number of yeshivos in Eretz Israel, is well acquainted with the needs and mind-set of the Jews from former Soviet Union.

He has personally organized our congregation under the guidance of Rabbi Yisroel Belsky shlita.

Although there have been various efforts to work with immigrant children, which have met with varying rates of success, Rabbi Binsky's strategy is to work with adults as well and to transform an entire family step-by step.

Rabby Binsky reaches his students through lectures and personal contact.

Rabbi Binsky expains:"Jews from Russia have been raised in a certain cultural environment - an environment with a stated goal of spiritual annihilation. The Kehilla setting, so successful for early Jewish immigrants, will help bring back our Russian brothers as well. The Russian Jewish family is a close knit one, and Jews from Russia generally feel close to one another. They must be brought together as a large family unit - family by family - uniting to experience our Heritage."

Rabbi Binsky travels around the country making contact with immigrants from former Soviet Union who are thirsting for Jewish knowledge.

Rabbi Binsky has developed a following of both adults and children, paying special attention to the different needs of the various age levels.

Last update: March 25, 2000
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