We started this project because everyone who was born Jewish should know what does it mean to be Jewish. This is knowledge about history, heritage, traditions and religion of the Jewish nation: everything what is surrounding person form the coming to this World to the day of death.
We got together to carry over to everyone who is interested at least little part of big topics selection about Jewish life on virtual pages of this site.

Мы взялись за это дело потому, что надо знать, как быть евреем. Это знания истории своего народа, его веры, культуры, его обычаев: всего, что окружает человека от рождения до смерти.
Мы собрались вместе, что бы донести до всех интересующихся хотя бы часть многообразия еврейской тематики на этих виртуальных страницах.

The Team - Команда
Isroel (Sergey) Akerman
E-mail: Akusya
Page: I-page
"Heart" of the project. Overall project manager. Designed most of the pages, created Holidays and Our Virual Home sections, created seminars pages.
Rabbi Avraham Binsky
E-mail: Community Board
"Soul" of the project. General advisor and editor.
Artur Ruzin
E-mail: WereWulf
Page: Artur's Lair
"Brain" of the project - Webmaster. Maintained page. Created most of the Community Information pages.
Mariana Fradman
E-mail: Mariana
"Peacemaker". The Editor.

Concerning the design, content of these pages or with any other inquires you can email the community board.

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