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Judaism is furnishing a very high role for a woman in a Jewish society, not only as a wife and mother, but also as a person with her own purpose in life.

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We are always sorry to hear of cholim (the sick), but we are glad to encourage others to pray on their behalf.

The following is the list of sick people, which need your prayers:


Reason / Information

Requested by

Larisa bas Emma

63 y.o., was directed to the operation just for the researching reason. The doctor who performed the surgery said that she has a lot of metastases. For now, they donít even know where it started from, but the doctor still gives her the hope that chemo/radiation treatments could help. She needs all your help, please daven for her.

E. Rozentsvayg

Rachel Sura Rivka bas Tzira Leyah

8.5 y.o. girl was diagnosed with severe case of diabetes one week ago. She has to get insulin injections a few times a day.

M. Fradman

Sora bas Feigl Perel

High school senior was diagnosed with Hochkins disease. Doctors have good prognosis but she needs 6 months chemo treatment.

R. Fradman

Elisheva Rivka bas Sora

She has a lung cancer. Doctors says that they canít do anything. It is a matter of time for how long she will be with us and her family. She needs all our prays.

R. Fradman

Doba bas Henya

Old lady in Kishinew (Moldova) broke her leg. Usually people are not getting recovered from that kind of injury at that age, according to the Russian medical opinion. B"H, she is out of hospital, but she cannot do anything without assistance.

Inna Gospodarik

Shira Tzipora bas Tova Chaya

7th grade Bais Yakov girl is having cancer.

S.L. Shreibman

Nikodam bas Blor

She is in bad conditions again

C. Pinkhasova

Chaya bas Shmuelah

She is 17 years old girl from the Bronx and she has a cancer (not sure which one, something on her skin near neck?). She was on remission, but it all came back.

A.S. Berenshteyn

Levy ben Hinda

60+ y.o. Was diagnosed with leukemia and had chemo treatment. More to come.

A.S. Berenshteyn

Nelli bas Sofia

61 y.o. Loosing her vision very fast due to diabetic retinopathy. Had several laser treatments. Doctors say that there is nothing they can do about itÖ

A. Gartsman or I.Akerman

Chana bas Fira

She is diagnosed with cancer and goes through major operation. Please daven for her.


Simcha ben Ester Chana


C. Shtraykher

Mazal bas Rochal


C. Shtraykher

Yakov ben Sarah and Sarah bas Itta

Baby was born with a lot of complications which affected both the mother and the baby.

V. Prekelvald

Golda bas Malka


C. Shtraykher

Tuvie Anatoliy ben Golda Olga


C. Shtraykher

Keren Malka bas Rivka

25 y.o. woman, married for 6 months and living in Israel. Has been hospitalized with severe abdominal pain. An ultrasound revealed cysts on her reproductive organs. If it no changes in a month, she is facing surgery. Please daven for her refuah shleimah and that she will be able to have children.

Rifka Giltle Wintercard

Benjamin Aryeh ben Rivka

Baby boy was born during Pesach with underdeveloped kidneys. Boruch Hashem, his kidneys have started to grow slightly. But he still has a possibility for a kidney transplant at age two. He is though in a very life threatening situation and family is still looking for a match for a kidney donor.


Yehudis bas Fagel

She lost almost all of her sight, and she tires easily. Although, Baruch Hashem, she has gotten better lately, she's not out of the woods yet, nor is she even close.


Yitzchak Leib ben Leah Chanah

49 y.o., battling multiple cancers. Got into some clinical trials of a new therapy in St. Louis. The week he went to the hospital to remove his colon tumer, his wife had a massive stroke and died a week later. He has 2 college age boys.

Bob Rabinoff

Ephriam ben Lev

My father has been sick for a few weeks, and needs a Refuah Shlama. Thanks for your prayers.

Asher Lev Cohen

To Submit a Prayer (Tehillim) Request email kehilasmy@yahoo.com
Please include the name of the sick person and the condition for which to pray, as well as your name and relation to the sick person, if possible. (People are praying better when they know who & what they are praying for.)

To remove a person from the list, please include in the message the name of the person and the word "remove".

Operation Refuah is an organization that promotes Ahavas Yisrael (love to Jewish fellows) amongst all Jews in an attempt to bring merit for a Refuah Shelaimah (quick recovery) for all sick people in all Jewish communities.
Check out their website: http://www.operationrefuah.org/

There is a Bikur Cholim (Jewish services for sick people) website containing a lot of valuable information. It can be found at: www.hometown.aol.com/bikurcholim

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